All There Is

He is all there is.

If you find that you have put a king over you that is not the Lord, come before Him and ask Him to smash that idol to pieces and fill your heart with love for Him.


Proclaiming Freedom to the Prisoners

There is a proclamation sent out from the Throne our Lord Himself, declaring freedom to the prisoners, pardon to the sinners and healing for the broken. The King has declared His love for all His dear children–come to Him and be reconciled.

The Only Safe Place

It’s a clear, crisp morning where I am. From my window I can see the sky, brilliant and vivid without a cloud in sight. The world, for now, is unmarred and lovely; dark thoughts and troubles have faded into nothing. If only it could remain this way!

Your way may seem easy now, or perhaps it has only started to grow rocky. But there are storm clouds piling on the horizon. The narrow road will grow narrower until you are walking on a knife’s edge and there are cuts and bruises on your feet. This world is dying and all who take life and nourishment from it will die also.

The Lord spoke to me this morning through a word. He warned me that great trouble will soon come upon all of us and many will turn from Him. The only safe place, He told me, is in His love. We must know to our very bones that He loves us. HE LOVES US. THE LORD OF ALL THINGS LOVES EVERY CELL, EVERY ATOM IN YOUR BODY! Now is the time for us to come into the fullness of His love. It’s time to stop simply reading about His love and revel in it. We must tattoo His names over our hearts, repeat them every waking hour. He is our Shield, our Daddy, our King, our Lord and our Lover in the purest and truest sense.

When our eyes are opened and we see how dear we are to Him, He will grow dearer to us. Who, having seen the Lord’s heart, can remain unmoved by it?

He is our only safe place. His arms are our refuge and His love is our shield.

Only three things will remain: faith, hope and love. And the greatest of these is love.

Dying of Thirst


Salt, water and light. The Church is called to bring Life to this dying world. We are called to feed the hungry, heal the sick and bring the captives out of the darkness and into the Light. We are called to give.

I am still learning to let go of my possessions, my money, my privacy and my time. I am still learning to have no rights, to lay down everything I cherish and take up the burdens of others. Yet there is something–secret, dear–that I hold to my heart. Like a miser with a coin I keep the Spirit close. I praise God for His goodness and drink in His blessings. And all the while, people are dying of thirst.

I’ve come to realise that I cannot withhold anything from God, not even His Spirit in me. He desires that I should hold nothing back from the needy, from the spiritual orphans as well as the physical ones.  Much as I struggle in giving up my money and time, the battle when I am called to release blessings of the Spirit is even more fierce. Continue reading

For you shall no longer follow Me in these last days if you hold anything back.

A very important word from the Lord through Kevin Barrett. I can certainly testify that the Lord has been teaching me this truth. Please, if you disagree with this word take it to Lord and seek His face on it. God bless you all 🙂

Hear His Heart

Dear Saints,

After my last posting on “Giving and Tithing”, some of you showed your love and faith by your works according to James 2:14-18.  And I greatly appreciate your love and faithfulness.  However, some did not agree with the posting and I was given mainly two arguments by readers.  One being that tithing is no longer for today.  Another is that we are all under grace and there is no curse for those that believe in Jesus even if we do not tithe.

But I don’t fault these dear saints for their beliefs.  We all have been lied to so much by the enemy in the churches that many are deceived and misinformed.  One of the biggest lies of the religious churches today is that anyone who believes in Jesus is redeemed from the curse.  This is far from the truth and is creating multitudes of hell-bound sinners.  The…

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